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Associates Committee Membership

The Win Associates are a group of young professionals dedicated to giving back to the community and are actively committed to helping Win’s homeless families. The focus is to support Win’s initiatives through hands-on projects, volunteering and fundraising in New York City.

Information on our Associates Committee

Win Associates Committee:

Through a variety of volunteer activities, the Win Associates help raise much-needed funds and champion Win’s commitment to transforming the lives of New York City’s homeless moms and their children. The Win Associates are always looking to increase exposure and grow the committee to become a stronger, more unified group while expanding involvement.

Overview of the Committee:

The Win Associates work closely with the Volunteer Services Department by creating and scheduling bi-monthly volunteering events with the children and families within the Win shelters. The Volunteer Services Department assists in the implementation of the programs on site, and serves as support along with site staff. Outside of the calendar of events, the Win Associates also have bi-monthly meetings which assist in the organization of the upcoming events and debrief for the month’s previous event. Learn more by filling out our form below.

By becoming a Win Associate I agree to:
  • Attend at least 4 out of 6 bi-monthly meetings
  • Attend at least 4 out of 6 bi-monthly volunteer events
  • Be a co-lead in one or more volunteer events a year
  • Attend annual June fundraiser
  • Bring at least 10 or more paying guests to the annual fundraiser
  • Assist in organization/logistics of the annual fundraiser
  • Pay $100 in dues a year to pay for supplies for volunteer events (to be paid in full or on a payment plan)
  • Be an active member in the group and help with new recruits
  • Attend 1 out of 2 recruiting mixers and bring a guest
  • Contribute to the Win Associates page on the Win website
Principal Responsibilities:
Volunteer Management
  • Create all activities for bi-monthly volunteer programs
  • Purchase any and all materials for the volunteer activities on-site
  • Work and communicate with Volunteer Services Staff to organize the bi-monthly events on-site
  • Work with Volunteer Services Staff to organize the registration and reminder process of the calendar of events
  • Potential to speak at events on behalf of Win – “Super Volunteer”
Yearly Fundraiser
  • Schedule and organize the yearly June fundraiser on behalf of Win
  • Manage all logistics of the event – location, time, date & invitations
  • Work with Win to organize social media and email marketing to promote the event
  • Work with Win to secure auction items In charge of bringing 10 or more paying guests to the event
  • Organize bi-annual recruiting mixers for interested individuals
  • Bring at least one or more guests to events to assist in the recruitment
  • Work with Volunteer Services Department to recruit from the individual requests that come in through the website – first line of vetting
  • Write copy to be put on the Win Associates page on the Win website highlighting upcoming events/activities/fundraiser
  • Work with Volunteer Services Staff to post the highlights on the Win Associates page
  • Work with Volunteer Services Staff to post life coverage of events on all social pages – to be highlighted in a sidebar on the Win Associates page

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