New York City has a fresh opportunity to focus on what matters:

investing in the supports and interventions that help families build the financial and psychosocial resilience they need to achieve housing stability. A reduction in homelessness will follow.

Here are six key steps that the City Council can take to put the tools to a brighter future in the hands of vulnerable families.

Require Workforce Development in Family Shelter

Estimated Annual Cost: $41 Million

Strengthen Mental Health in Family Shelter

Estimated Annual Cost: $40 Million

Make CITYFHEPS a Success

Estimated Annual Cost: Cost estimate pending

Make Shelter Intake less Traumatic

Estimated Annual Cost: Nominal/Cost Savings

Invest in Human Services Workforce

Estimated Annual Cost: $108 million (COLA); $640 million (base pay bump)

Ensure Adequate Funding for Permanent Housing and other Solutions to end Family Homelessness

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