Investing in Success: The Case for Supporting the Human Services Workforce

Government and nonprofit service providers rely on over 200,000 human services workers in New York City to provide a range of supports to individuals and families.1 This workforce is made up of case managers, social workers, domestic violence counselors, mental health and substance abuse counselors, and many others serving populations with the most need—people experiencing homelessness, immigrants, people with disabilities, the elderly, and many more. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many frontline nonprofit workers (including those at Win) continued to provide much needed services, putting their own health at risk to serve others. Win, like many nonprofits in the field, relies on city contracts to fund our work. However, when it comes to providing resources to support and fairly compensate the human services workforce, the city fails to adequately fund the nonprofits in the human services sector that care for the most vulnerable.