Overview of the Committee

The Win Associates work closely with the Volunteer Services Department by creating and scheduling bi-monthly volunteering events with children and families at Win shelters. The Volunteer Services Department assists in the implementation of the programs on site and serves as support along with site staff. Outside of the calendar of events, the Win Associates also have bi-monthly meetings which assist in the organization of the upcoming events and debrief for the month’s previous event.

Principal Responsibilities

Volunteer Management:

  • Create all activities for bi-monthly volunteer programs
  • Purchase any and all materials for the volunteer activities on-site
  • Work and communicate with Volunteer Services Staff to organize the bi-monthly events on-site
  • Work with Volunteer Services Staff to organize the registration and reminder process of the calendar of events


  • Organize bi-annual recruiting mixers for interested individuals
  • Bring at least one or more guests to events to assist in the recruitment