Transitional Housing

The Way To Win journey begins with the 1,700 plus units of transitional housing Win operates across New York City. Simple but safe, quiet, clean, and private, each unit has a kitchen, bathroom, and living/sleeping space. Upon entering a Win shelter, each family receives an essentials kit that includes basic necessities for setting up their units, such as new sheets and towels; pots, pans, dishes, and flatware; and bathroom necessities like toothpaste, soap, shampoo, and toilet paper. Dignity and comfort are important to help families settle in so they can begin to focus on their life transformation.

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46 %

of the kids living in Win shelters are under the age of 6

9 of 10

of Win’s homeless families are led by women

13 months

is the typical length of stay for families in Win shelter

Child Services: Child Care & Education

Most Win families are headed by single women. Our goal is to provide these women with the resources they need to permanently leave shelter. With on-site daycare centers, after-school educational and recreational programs, Win provides nurturing childcare services for homeless children allowing their moms to concentrate on rebuilding their lives.

Children at Win’s childcare are assessed by trained professionals and referrals are made to outside community agencies based on individual needs. Each Win shelter has an on-site NYC Department of Education liaison to help moms determine the best educational options for their children. Additionally, our programming during all school breaks, Camp Win, prevents learning loss, especially over the summer.

Camp Win is a full-day camp for Win children operating all summer and during all New York City public school breaks. Our childcare and after-school programming are offered to children of all ages at Win – from infants to age 17. Last year, our campers took more than 220 field trips with Camp Win!


15 %

of all homeless New Yorkers in the last year are 5 years old or younger

1 in 9

students in NY public schools is homeless

around 6,200

children receive critical, trauma-informed care at Win each year

Life Skills for Adult Clients

To bolster the life skills of Win moms, Win offers clients classes in: parenting skills, financial literacy (such as managing a budget and paying bills on time), and organizational skills like managing a calendar. We work with our moms as they learn how to schedule their children’s events – school, after-school, medical appointments, etc. — as well as their own appointments with government agencies, potential employers, and more.

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life-skill and peer support workshops were conducted by Win social workers last year

Health & Wellness

Homeless moms and their children are more likely to be in poor health due to the lack of access to primary care. Win professionals counsel our moms on identifying their family’s medical needs. Win clients learn the importance of mental and physical wellness, including: annual doctor and dental exams; hygiene; exercise and nutrition, and having a healthy self-image. Issues such as mental health, domestic violence, and substance abuse are tackled through outside referrals and on-site workshops. Through referrals to community providers, Win connects hundreds of clients to physical and mental health services each year

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38 %

of Win clients, on average, enter shelter with a diagnosed medical or mental health condition


Win’s educational emphasis is on developing and improving moms’ skills to increase their job potential. Win professionals offer services such as GED prep, computer instruction, resume writing, and interviewing skills. Win provides additional support in the area of educational advancement, depending on individual needs. Win refers several hundred clients to job training programs and vocational, trade, or certification schools yearly.

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56 %

of Win’s adult clients have at least a high school-- or the equivalent-- education


Homeless women entering a Win shelter have typically experienced trauma. Caseworkers work one-on-one with our moms to help them set their own goals and empower them. Win staff holds classes promoting self-advocacy, personal discipline, accountability, time management, and business conduct. These areas of personal development have a tremendous impact on a moms’ ability to confidently achieve independence.

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  • Thrive social workers offer over 100 workshops to help clients feel empowered and develop peer support systems


At Win, a critical pillar in each client’s journey is maintaining stable employment and building a steady income. Win’s Income Building Program supports clients transitioning from unemployment to employment, and helps those who are already working to better their status by: increasing wages, transitioning from part-time to full-time, obtaining health benefits, and upgrading from off-the-books to on-the-books positions. Through the program, Win clients have access to employment counseling, financial education, interview preparation, resume writing assistance, job fairs, budgeting classes, and much more.

Win partners with corporate employers, job training and placement specialists, and volunteer organizations to aid clients with employment and lay the groundwork for a managed household income. Win also provides access to onsite computer labs at shelters for job research and resume building, as well as a professional closet stocked with in-kind donations from which clients can obtain professional attire.

Win case managers work with Income Building specialists to provide clients with the support and tools they need to achieve their employment and housing goals.

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35 %

of Win moms experiencing homelessness are actively employed


clients achieved employment gains through Win's Income Building Program in the past year

Permanent Housing

All of the work Win does for and with our moms has a single overarching goal: to enable families to have a permanent home — a place where mothers (and fathers) can raise their children in safety, peace, and dignity. We believe that every one who comes through our doors has the potential to attain a better life for themselves and for future generations, ultimately breaking the cycle of homelessness.

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Win families transitioned out of shelter and into homes of their own in 2023

Supportive Housing

Win provides more than 450 permanent supportive apartment units in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and the Bronx, offering continued counseling and other supportive services for mothers/families with special needs, including:

  • Young mothers who have aged out of foster care
  • Mothers in recovery
  • Families who have survived domestic violence
  • Families with multiple instances of homelessness
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80 %

of homeless mothers (or more) have experienced domestic violence as adults