60 %

of New York City’s homeless are families with children

80 %

of homeless mothers have experienced domestic violence as adults

1 in 10

students in New York City public schools is homeless

The Crisis

Wages amongst the occupations held by our homeless families have lagged or even decreased. Compounding this challenge, housing in New York City’s real estate market is as unaffordable as ever.

Fast Facts

  • New York is the only city in the U.S. that is legally required to provide shelter to homeless families and single adults
  • Every night, nearly 52,660 people go to bed in a homeless shelter in NYC
  • Nearly 17,400 children will go to bed in a City shelter tonight
  • Nearly 60% of New Yorkers in shelter are families with children.
  • Last year, 16% of all homeless New Yorkers were under the age of six.