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    If No, then we encourage you to form a group project as we are unable to have minors participate in individual activities without parent/guardian supervision.

    How did you hear about Win Volunteer Services?

    What is your availability?

    Please note that we do not have weekend opportunities.

    Please check the following based on your professional skills:

    Note: You do not need to have these skills in order to volunteer with us. For College students, we cannot guarantee a placement will be available that meets your course requirements

    Please indicate the borough(s) where you are available to volunteer:

    Win Volunteer Interest

    Please check one or more Volunteer Role(s) of interest (Required):

    Administrative Roles

    (weekdays, hours are between 9am–5pm)

    • - Main office assistance

    • - Typically project-based work for 1 or more days.

    • - Departments: Development, Volunteer Services, etc.

    • - Onsite assistance

    • - Working within Social Services

    • - Minimum 3 month commitment

    Donations & Drive Placements

    Donation Room (weekdays, hours are between 9am–5pm)

    • - Onsite in East Harlem

    • - Donation organization with Volunteer Services

    • - Fill backpacks with supplies

    • - Unload backpacks from trucks for delivery

    • - must be able to lift 20lbs

    • - Main Office admin & Onsite Support

    • - Fill backpacks with supplies

    • - Unload backpacks from trucks for delivery

    • - Main Office admin & Onsite Support

    • - Organize gifts for distribution

    • - Unload gifts from the trucks for delivery

    Working with Win Kids

    • - Group meetings & Onsite events. Internal group to Win.

    • - Ability to engage children and lead pre-planned activities

    • - Onsite events during days off from school

    • - Internal Win Volunteer group that hosts monthly events for Win kids at a variety of sites

    Special Projects

    • - Time commitments will vary throughout the year

    Next Step: Signing up for an Orientation

    Phone orientations are mandatory before volunteering with Win. The Win orientation allows you to learn more about Win families and what it means to volunteer with Win. Please allow 30 minutes for the call. Once you hit submit you’ll be directed to our orientation sign ups.