Special spotlight: Weekly Virtual Brainy Babies Meetings with the New York Public Library

Join a special program that takes place every Thursday at 11am (Zoom link to meeting below) where families across all Win sites enjoy stories and activities designed to encourage early learning practices. Each week we will read books, sing songs, and do fun activities that promote language development and social-emotional skills. This weekly session also provides a space for parents to learn about community resources, hear from expert guest speakers, and connect with peer support networks

Hispanic Heritage Month, Activities for Kids

Volunteer Storytime (French)

Volunteer Storytime (Russian)

Volunteer Storytime (Portuguese)

Volunteer Storytime (Italian)

Volunteer Storytime ¡Qué desastre! (Spanish)

Virtual Science Experiment

Arts and Crafts-- Lady Bug

Remote Arts and Crafts

Win Teacher Reads Aloud "No, David!"

Gall–Peters Map

The Wonder: Free Remote Resources for Kids

Free, interactive online classes in the arts for NYC Public School students

Free virtual events & activities for all ages

Sesame Street COVID-19 Town Hall

31 Children's Books to Support Conversations on Race, Racism, and Resistance

8 Tips for Talking to Your Child About Racial Injustice

Coretta Scott King Book Award Winners

Talking to Your Children About Racial Bias

Head teacher Leah Creech reads "When I Feel Afraid"

Remote arts & crafts at Junius with head teacher Cynthia Roblero

Free audio books for kids through Amazon in 6 languages

Virtual Brainy Babies Zoom every Thursday @ 11am

JAC/East River Affirmation Fitness with Rec. Associates Nayandrea Miller & Travis Harris

Online Learning Resources, Articles, and Activities to Help Parents

Little Listeners in an Uncertain World: Coping strategies

Win Partners: A Bedtime for Bear Story

Win Partners: Jokes

Amanda Rosado, Head Teacher at Westway, Arts & Crafts

Amanda Rosado, Head Teacher at Westway, Little Smudge Story

Eboni, Assistant Teacher at Glenwood, "Good Night Moon"

Asked by Covid-19 Kids: Spanish Coloring Book

Resilience Unit_English

Resilience Fortaleza_Español